Information technology is used in all areas of life and work of people and organizations, information security problems have raised. TechnoWave offers a wide range of information Security Services for organizations. Offering protection to the network, software, internal equipment, and data.

IT System Auditing

Our services include:
• Information security consulting
• Information security policies
• Risk Management and IT Audit Controls
• Internal and external Penetration testing of networks and operating systems, web sites and software.
• Anti-virus software and spyware protection applications.
• Log monitoring

IT Risk Management Services:
• Identify risks to information and technology assets
• Measure the level of risk
• Mitigate the risks to an acceptable level
• Monitor changing risk levels and report the results

Surveillance System

Design and Build professional surveillance systems. It includes:
• Requirements gathering
• Site Survey
• Evaluation
• Design
• Implementation
• Operating

We provide all kinds of necessary equipment in the field of security surveillance, such as:
• Cameras:
    o fixed external cameras
    o Moveable external cameras
    o Internal fixed cameras
    o Internal moveable cameras
    o Internal panoramic cameras
• Recorders:
    o Recorder for 64 cameras
    o Recorder for 32 cameras
• Professional surveillance programs from the same camera manufactures.
• Customizable Technowave Video Management system include:
    o Motion Detection
    o Face detection and recognition
    o License plate recognition LPR
    o Line Guard Detection
    o Zone entry detection
    o Specific Sound detection